Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Share With Your Kids

My husband and I share our love of the outdoors with our 6yr old, Sydney.  She began her outdoor princess lifestyle at just six months old.  She attended her first Ozark Trail build, in the rain, and will forever be known as the baby who was breastfed, by a tree, under an umbrella, trail-side.

Just chillin'
" Mommy, can I sit up there" ?
This weekend we took a special adventure, just minutes from home,  that took three hours from start to finish.  We hiked a special trail, climbed the vines, walked on the fallen trees, and enjoyed the misty rain.  In that short time we reconnected as a family and made another memory.

Yes, of course

 We  built a little girls confidence.  Every time she climbs higher, runs faster, and jumps further, I have to smile.  I know I am doing my job as a mom.  I will send her into the world with un-shakeable self confidence. You can bet on it.

Field hike

We also like to scurry up streams, climb up and down and mountains, hike and mountain bike the trails, camp, kayak,  just to name a few......  It has taken a while to figure everything out.  These experiences have been  worth every dime we spent, plus any mishap encountered along the way.  I have learned enough to fill a book. ( I will write it someday ).

Vine swingin'

In case you didn't get my point......  No matter what you like to do, share it with your kids.  Make it super crazy fun.  Show them why you love it so much.  Wouldn't it be awesome if they loved it too?  You could enjoy it together, as a family. Priceless.

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