Thursday, July 5, 2012

Quality Time

A last minute sitter afforded my husband and I some much needed time together.  We try to get one weekend a month alone together.  These outings help us stay connected and remind us that our relationship is important too.  Being parents is great, being ourselves is awesome.

It was still a stifling 102 degrees at 630pm this past Tuesday evening.  We stopped at QT and picked up a cold, frothy beverage to enjoy on our hike at Lewis and Clark.   We covered ourselves in bug spray and  entered the trail to find it a pleasant 10 degrees cooler.  We were still going to sweat a ridiculous amount, which was better than sitting on the couch.

I love that my other half and I share an active lifestyle.  When we can't be together, we support each others solo journeys.

A Trail Monster is always prepared
The Lewis and Clark trail is about 15 minutes from our house. This trail system offers a five or an eight mile option.  We had planned a bike ride for the following day so five miles would suffice.

On my right

On my left
We reached the special overlook spot as the sun went down. Jim had carried our ENO hammocks but we decided against hanging them. It was just too hot.  After enjoying a couple brews, we headed out.  We reached the car at 10pm.

The following day, July 4th, we awakened early to beat the heat and get a ride in.  We were on our cross bikes by 730am and in the woods a short while later.  We are fortunate to live close to several trails, single track and gravel.

Katy trail bound

Shady Kona's
Not even the pinch flat I had at mile 10 could ruin our day.  We hit the Katy Trail after riding some at Busch Wildlife.  We had high hopes of catching up and enjoying a beer with friends, who were doing another ride.  There were many people out taking advantage of the cooler morning temp. We rode to Matson and then headed back to Defiance.  

It turns out the two bars were closed for the day, which was probably good since the temps were climbing quickly and we needed to be home by 1pm.  We reached our neighborhood by 1230pm with 35 miles under our belt.  Not a bad day.

We finished up the holiday by grilling some veggies and enjoying a Raspberry Hefewiezen Ale by Schlafly.

What a fun and healthy holiday!  What did you do?

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Kate said...

Family float trip for us.