Monday, February 11, 2013

Healthy Valentines

It's been estimated that the average American man will spend approximately $131 dollars --women slightly less-- on Valentines Day.  I am not a fan of flowers or stuffed animals. Furthermore, my husband knows better than to hand me chocolate in obnoxious quantities.  What's a guy/gal supposed to get their healthy, active sweetheart?

With the big day closing in I wanted to urge you to use your money wisely and show your support at the same time. When your significant other is working their tail off to get healthy and be fit it just doesn't make sense to gift them an enormous box of  garbage containing thousands of calories or take them out to a ridiculously expensive restaurant that serves rich/fattening food.  Don't do it! Beyond sending the wrong message you will negate what they are trying to accomplish.

Thanks, but no thanks

 What's your valentine into?  What gift would help motivate them?  Help them get closer to their goal? Or, reward them for reaching a goal?

 Hooked on a runner/walker? They should change their shoes after roughly 500 miles. Since shoes are hard to buy for someone else, I suggest a gift certificate from their local  running store.   Buy an awesome pair of wool socks and slip the certificate inside them.  A new runner could ask questions while buying their shoes and take advantage of the knowledgeable trained staff.  A Road-Id is also a great idea if they run/walk alone.  Accidents happen, it's smart to be prepared.

Will pink make her faster?
Don't leave home without it

 Love a cyclist?  They are super easy to buy for.  We tend to go through a lot of tires, tubes, Co2 cartridges and hand-warmers.  Gift certificates to their favorite bike shop could replace worn gear or invest in a pair of  winter cycling tights or gloves. There is no such thing as cold weather if you have the right gear to deal with it.

Pearl Izumi makes great stuff

Know someone who likes to play outdoors in the dark? Keep them safe and buy them a reflective vest that glows in the dark.  I received one, instead of the usual t-shirt, at a race in 2011. I wear it always!  A new headlamp complete with batteries would be good choices too.  It helps tremendously if you can see in the dark and also alerts others that you are out there.

HI-VIZ  Vests

 Still not sure.... a massage or a few sessions with a personal trainer might work.  Hey, you could also buy yourself some personal training and a massage while you are at it.  Getting healthy as a couple can be fun.  Plus, it's easier with a buddy.

Another thought: Spend time rather than $$ on your relationship.  A hike in the woods or a walk hand in hand around the neighborhood = priceless.

Have a healthy and Happy Valentines Day.

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