Monday, December 2, 2013

Making Lemonade

You know the saying....  To be honest with you, that is exactly what I have been doing for a while now. Something happened in early October.  The fact that I can't put my finger on exactly what happened frustrates me to no end.  Be that as it may..... my left hip region/IT Band has been nagging at me ever since. The first thing I did was cut my running in half and used my foam roll even more.  I figured the problem would work its way out.  Here I am 5 weeks later.

 My IT band is still delivering an uncomfortable, dull ache, that never seems to go away.  Now I am not talking about PAIN, it is completely tolerable, about a three on a ten scale.  My 'situation' does not stop me from mountain biking either. Riding my bike is not painful.  That is a bonus.

 While I would prefer to run outside as many miles as I please,  I have made peace with busting it out on the elliptical. I have upped my gym time to replace my running deficit.  If you play with the cadence and the incline you can get an amazing workout on it.  I am kinda weird about touching the actual machine so I don't hold on to it. I get to  feel "the burn" in my belly since this forces my core to work more.

  Making lemonade isn't so bad if you approach it the right way.  Sometimes I have to shift my goals a bit, that doesn't mean I give up on myself and give myself permission to fall apart.  Been there, done that. I do not recommend it.

I have a really fun but highly challenging run coming up on December 14th at Pere Marquette State Park. I have been looking forward to this race for an entire year.  This is one of the most organized group of friendly volunteers I have yet to experience at an event.  To sweeten the deal...many of my friends will be ther.  With a cap of 700 runners chances are good I will make a new friend.  Last years race was extremely hard and somehow I managed to PR.  I was hoping to do even better this year but I do not believe that is in the cards for me.  No worries, I made peace with it and have focused my efforts toward staying positive and getting strong in the gym.  Regardless of my end result it will be a good day.

Thanksgiving Day hike

 The trails are beautiful this time of year. You should get out there, with your family.

My little monkey slept well that night


Kate Geisen said...

Ah Pere Marquette! Can't wait. :) Hope you get the itb issue figured out! I dealt with a really frustrating butt muscle problem all last year.

Wendy Davis said...

I am still excited to go even though I probably won't do as well as I would like. I know you had a rough go last year with your hip, I know you understand how I feel. I will see you there. Good luck chasing your PR down. You are running well, you got this.