Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Be Brave Contest

*******Edited.  Deadline for photos is March 20th.

I am a huge fan of contests and decided it was time to have my own.

Very simply... If you want to enter EMAIL me a photo or PM me one to my LivingOutLoud Facebook page of you doing something brave.

The photo could be your first selfie with a shirt off.

I uploaded this photo and my computer crashed and
I couldn't take it down 

Or maybe a photo of what you looked like covered in sweat from your last workout.

Perhaps a photo of you doing something that scares the crap out of you.

Not a fan of water but I went whitewater rafting

I am terrified of heights but I made it to the top and eventually down
I was never so relieved to touch the ground

Maybe you want to share something extreme.

I used to have long blonde hair, I had over 12 inches cut off.

And then I went RED!

Now that you have the idea..... get creative and send it to me.  Deadline for entries is  Thursday, March 13th 2014.  I will compile all photos and place them in an album on Facebook.  Photo with the most LIKES wins. Easy peasy. You will be rewarded with this beautiful Patagonia Canvas Bag ($25 value) if you win.

Thanks for playing along.

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