Monday, March 26, 2012

Which One Do You Want First?

When it comes to good news/ bad news scenarios, I prefer to end on a good note.  Without beating around the bush, I tried out for the Airborne Flight Crew.  I was not what they were looking for, so I did not make the team.  I was a little disappointed, but realized that this leaves me open for new things.  You know the saying, " when one door closes another opens" ?

Found this in the crack in my driveway

However...... I celebrated my 43rd birthday recently and scored huge.  Thanks Babe.  

I love how Kona makes bikes to match my kit

Of course it's a 29er

My white Velocity Blunt SLs rock

You can read more here about my new bike. 

Today, Monday March 26th I began training for the DK200. Revenge will be mine.

I thought of a great way to keep my mind busy while training.  I will be coming up with witty comebacks to " I like your Big Unit" or "nice Big Unit " .


KathyA said...

Hmmm, well you sure like like a member of the team to me...your pic and bio are there on the linked page, as the sole woman holding down a spot...?

Matt said...

Club teams with friends are always better anyways. Enjoy your time with Team Seagal and racing in general.