Thursday, March 29, 2012

How Will Your Garden Grow?

I adopted a mostly plant-based diet back in Sept. of 2011.  I feel great and want to keep my diet as such.  Last year I had a small garden.

2011 garden

 We enjoyed many rounds of zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, some carrots, spices, mint, and several varieties of peppers.    I like the idea of walking out my door and picking out my lunch and dinner.  I don't have to worry about; how many miles these veggies traveled to my house, how they were transported, where it came from, pesticides,  and how many people touched it before I bought it.

            This year, we have more than doubled our gardening space.

2012 garden

I will be adding brussels sprouts, a larger selection of lettuce and spinach, and yellow squash.  Here is an awesome recipe for the sprouts.  You can also just drizzle olive oil on them, spice 'em, wrap in foil, and throw them on the grill.  Delicious.  My Grandmas would be so proud of me.  I hated them as a kid, I could eat them everyday now.

Jim planted three tomato plants in our front yard, no one complained.  We enjoyed tomatoes clear through November.  I received some great advice on what to do with green tomatoes last year and it worked.  Simply wrap them in newspaper and put them in the basement.  Check on them every couple weeks.  When they are ripened, they taste just as good.

Front yard tomato garden

Front yard.  Final round picked in Nov.

  I have only just begun.  I will keep you posted on my farming skills or lack thereof. 
If you have any gardening experience or tips to share, please do. Now, I need to get out there and remove the grass so Jim can till it one more time and I can start planting next week.  

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Kate said...

We usually have a garden, but it suffers under my benign neglect. It's not looking good for growing much this year, either, but it makes a great gigantic compost heap. :)