Sunday, April 1, 2012

Girls Gone Hiking

I made myself a note today to buy more sunscreen and bug spray.  Today, April 1st, was 89 degrees complete with endless sunshine.  I am not complaining, but it is a little odd weather, dontchathink?  Missouri had a very mild winter and seems to have skipped spring and began summer.  That said, the ticks are out in full force, and they are huge.  Buy some bug spray, I recommend Bullfrog ( sunscreen and bugspray combo ) , and coat yourself and your kids with it.  

Today Syd and I hit the trails at Brommelseik Park.  Following are a few pictures and an interview with her.

Ready for the trail

Me:  Did you have fun today?

Syd:  Yes because I saw a butterfly

Me: What was your favorite part?

Syd: I liked two. Playground and the horses

Carries her own water and snacks

Me:  What did you see today?

Syd:  Butterfly and horses and ladybugs.  ( she said the worm was disgusting and she didn't want to mention it)


Me:  Did you have everything you needed?

Syd:  yes, but a chocolate bar or some candy

Me:  Was it too hot?

Syd:  A little bit

Largest worm we have ever seen

Me:  Did we hike long enough?

Syd:  We hiked a little too long.  I wanted to play at that park.

Gotta climb the rocks

Gotta throw some rocks

Last year I would not let her drop while hanging. She has grown, so this trip I told her that she could let go.  You should have seen her face as her feet hit the ground.  It is a truly amazing feeling, when you can watch your child gain confidence, really see it in their eyes. I had another great day with my girl.  Outside, on the trail.

What do you think would happen if you grabbed your kids and headed out on an adventure?  

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Kate said...

Love the dress for hiking. It says, I'm all girl, but I can still run circles around your ass. :)

Our best hiking outing ever was last year's Cuivre River SP hike in the rain--creek-jumping fun! Today was volleyball, and Jacob is turning into quite the little player. Good times outside.