Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pep Talk

With the holidays approaching fast, I wanted to gift you this.....

Hey you,

 You have worked so hard and I am so proud of you.  You should be proud of yourself too.  It wasn't easy getting started, remember your first day?  I know, it was absolutely horrible. How did you ever get through it?  But, look at you know.  You look amazing!  Don't you feel good? You have that sparkle in your eyes.  Losing that weight and getting active was the best thing you could have ever done for yourself, your kids, and your spouse.  How gratifying to have new clothes in your closet in the smaller size too.  You sweated, huffed and puffed, worked hard and earned those threads. Now don't blow it!

I don't want you to undo what you have accomplished so far.  You do not go backwards. You keep moving forward, steady at your own pace. Day in and day out, you have been successful. You are exercising and eating healthy, it's part of your lifestyle now. Do not let Christmas parties and buffets beat you. Do not revert into bad habits.  It's time to stay the course. Keep your eyes on the prize.  You and only you get to decide what and how much you put in your mouth.   You know that if you overeat you will feel miserable and guilty.  You will need to face yourself in the mirror and on the scale to accept responsibility for your actions. You will gain weight and not be able to zip your pants.  Who wants that? Not you!  You are not that person anymore. You said good-bye to that person in 2012. I know something you don't yet.... 2013 is going to be your year! Start it happy and healthy!

Live It Loud,

These tips have helped me in the past:

 Gooey butter cake does not have legs.  It will not be on your plate unless you put it there.    

 Make smart choices and watch your portions.  

 Bring a healthy dish to share at parties.  That will also insure you have something healthy to eat.

 Don't arrive with an empty stomach.  Eating a small meal beforehand may .

Be mindful of "liquid calories".  They count too.

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