Thursday, December 27, 2012

Coming Out Of The Closet

I am, once again, outing myself. Only three people know so far.  Now, it's time to tell the entire world.

Some girls are born with glitter in their veins.  I was not. Those of you who know me personally know for a fact that I am not a girlie-girl. I do not own a single pair of heels, no dresses, not even a purse.  My wardrobe consists of mostly spandex cycling stuff, a bazillion race t-shirts, sportswear and three pairs of jeans.

70% of my wardrobe

 I was never interested in the accumulation of purses, shoes, make-up, or endless hair products and accessories.  I do NOT like shopping for these items either.  This year I am going to change that!

The other 30%

Years ago, I started wearing only jeans and t-shirts, or sport/casual clothing. Everyday. I got very comfortable.  I wear work-out wear everywhere and to the gym.  I have virtually nothing to wear for special occasions.  I will be 44yrs old this year and have no idea what style/fashion I should be wearing.  Ugh!

I stopped wearing make-up, except for a couple times a year. I don't "do" hair or nails. I have a lot to learn.  Lucky for me.... I know people and they want to help.

This 2013 year is going to be the year of "finding my girl".  She disappeared decades ago and my tomboy showed up.  Don't get me wrong, I like being a tomboy.  However, I want to be a girl too. Is there a happy medium?  Can I find it?

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I did get a jump-start on this process by having my hair cut, high lighted and low lighted.  I had my eyebrows done and bought my first outfit.  I even bought a pair of boots and they weren't hiking boots.  

They have heels even!!

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