Friday, January 9, 2015

Memory Box

In December of 2013 I read an article about "memory jars/boxes".  I was intrigued by the thought of re-living good things at years end.  I found it a great way to keep track of the small joys, the silly stuff that gives me a full belly laugh, and those teensie weensie things I don't want to forget.  For example... the first time my 8 year old cracked an egg successfully. She was beyond excited.

You can use an empty Kleenex box

The jar/box itself doesn't have to be fancy, unless you want it to be.  I recycled a shipping box from Supplement Superstores.  It had Never Settle stamped on the side.  After sealing it with clear packing tape I made a small slot at the top and placed the box in my closet.  I put small slips of scrap paper and a pen right next to it.  I did not feel it was necessary to decorate the box so I didn't.

The box was opened on Jan1st, dumped on my bed.  There were 135 "paper memories" just waiting to be opened. Unfolding each one brought a smile to my face and I was able to remember the exact moment.
Inside of my box

After looking at each memory I placed them in a large manila envelope.  I planned on using my "memory box" again but wanted to change two things.  #1. I made the slot at the top bigger in order to accommodate photos and #2. I decorated it, slightly.

Slightly decorated

You can start one of these boxes/jars at any time of the year.  This is easier and way more fun than keeping a journal.  You can get your whole family involved.  Each family member could keep their own private box or a large pickle jar could be used to hold an entire families memories.  Imagine the surprises if you had a family memory jar, you could take turns picking them out and reading them out loud.

When I reflected on 2014 it was easy to bring up the painful stuff, easy to remember the bad memories.  Having 135 good memories to open and re-live was a great way to end 2014 and begin 2015 on a positive note.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I have a great life.  My life is not perfect and I do get some tough stuff on my plate... This box helped remember the rainbows despite the storms, for that I am grateful.

Happy New Year!  Make it a happy and healthy one!

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