Friday, January 4, 2013

Feed My Peeps

My mountain bike team puts on an annual non-race, roughly 25 mile bike ride complete with obstacles, at the end of the year.  Three years ago I suggested that the non-racers bring a couple can goods as their entry fee.  That year over 300 cans were donated to Operation Food Search. In 2011, over 200 cans were collected and donated to Hope Food Pantry in O'Fallon. This 2012 year has been the best food drive yet.  Over 500 cans were collected!  

All ready to go

After bagging and counting I had to decide where to place all those groceries.  In my research I found that there is a LOT of need out there.  Food pantries are having a hard time keeping up with the demand.  There are many people who depend on them to keep food on their tables.  It's heart breaking to think that many pantries have had to close early or close down entirely due to lack of food donations.  
I came across Jacki Dirksmeyer via FaceBook when a friend suggested I check her out.  Jacki's organization is called Feed My Peeps, she began her mission about a year ago. In her own words...         "  FEED MY PEEPS is about moving food and feeding people. We pick up food from local restaurants and caterers to distribute to families with limited resources ."   Jacki has been cooking for most of her life and felt a huge desire to "feed people", which is totally different. She felt that "God (had) made it abundantly clear my (her) path".  After having met Jacki and hearing more about what she is doing I got goosebumps.  You can't miss the passion in her voice as she talks about her work. Plus, you can see how fulfilled she is to be doing it. 
Yea! It fit, barely.
  Feed My Peeps went into full-time mode when she retired from L'ecole about six months ago.  Jacki has been receiving help from several organizations collecting clothing too.  I took ten minutes in the basement and came up with several blankets and a bag full of warm clothes for a boy and girl.  

Blanket quilts from Jim's Mom

Jacki could use your help too.  Have some coats laying around?  You could donate them.  Are you handy in the kitchen?  You can donate your time, she does "working Wednesdays", sign up for one.  Her card is below, give her a call and see what she needs.   

Jacki 's info

Thank you for the cookbook.  They sell for $10. 

Writing this made me think.  Can one person really change the world? Maybe....maybe not. I do know that if you can change a persons world for the better you should. Thank you to all who donated.  These groceries are going to help quite a few families. Giving feels good, doesn't it? We should do it more often. 

Happy New Year Feed My Peeps!

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