Tuesday, January 8, 2013

You Get What You Give

I tried something new at the gym today.  Not because I wanted to, because I had to.  I have been nursing an injury to my right ankle/foot for the past month.  When I take time off from pounding the pavement, or run the trails,  it doesn't bother me. I needed to find another option.  I hopped on the elliptical machine.  I had not been on one in a decade.  These machines have come a long way.  All kinds of buttons and a flippin' tv.  I did not turn mine on.

I think you get what you give with this type of machine.  If you want to talk on your phone or FaceBook, I guess you could do that.  (the ladies next to me were)  But, why would you do that? Don't you pay a lot of money to belong to a gym?  Aren't you here for a reason?   I consider my workout time MY TIME! No one is allowed to interfere. ( unless it's an emergency) I do NOT want to be bothered so,  I leave my phone in the car. I may have appeared very anti-social or stuck-up to those around me. I had blinders on.  I was on a mission.  It was to sweat.  It was to push myself. Try to be better than I was last time.  I owe that to myself.  I owe it to myself to be the best I can be on that particular day. I will not settle. I can do better,I can do more, and I can go longer if I stay focused.

  After 6,000 steps, roughly 40 minutes, I hopped off and it felt like I was still on it.  Neither of the ladies next to me had broken a sweat.  I was dripping.  See, you get what you put into it. I walked over to stretch and my son said " that is what you are supposed to look like when you get off a piece of cardio equipment" while pointing at me.  Yes, I looked a hot mess. I smiled real big because I had earned that glisten. After I had 45 minutes of weights, sledgehammer, and pushing the weighted sled, I looked even better.  In my opinion.

While I am not an indoor runner, I think I can be for a while.  I will embrace the elliptical for now, it is better than nothing.  I have a half-marathon, 13.1 miles, trail run on Saturday at 5pm.  Stay tuned to see how that goes.


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Kate Geisen said...

You do everything 150%, that's for sure. Me, I've been that girl facebooking and reading a magazine on the elliptical. Heck, that's usually me. Trail runs, I love em; running inside, not so much. Whatever passes the time works for me. And hey, maybe in another few months those ladies will be looking at other people in the gym strolling on the elliptical and thinking back to their own early gym days, but if not, at least they're not on the couch watching those TV shows. :)