Sunday, January 25, 2015

Run Goo Review

A few months ago I had the opportunity to try a product called Run Goo.  I was looking for something to help me with the during/after effects of running,  in other words...  blisters, sweaty feet, callouses,  and what husband refers to affectionately as Monster Feet! It's hard to keep moving forward when your feet are in agony.  I take care of my feet and they return the favor by taking me to great places. I used this product and would recommend it to everyone.

After a little research on their website I found out that:

Run Goo is made for wet or dry conditions.
Run Goo contains lanolin and special waxes that work together to form a moisture proof barrier around your feet to protect from blisters, callouses and sweat.

Upon inspection I was skeptical that it went on easily and didn't feel like glue once applied.  I was completely wrong, it wasn't bad at all.  The Run Goo applicator has raised bumps that help insure even coverage and by using it I didn't have to touch my feet. The bumps also give a pleasant massage and woke my feet up, got the blood moving.  

 I felt it performed well in both wet and dry conditions.  My longest record of use so far was roughly 4 hours however, I am very confident this stuff can go longer. It has a consistency of Desitin baby cream and sticks to your feet like glue without feeling like it. Run Goo is not sticky.  I look forward to trying it in the Midwest heat and humidity since it boasts the fact that it absorbs sweat or does it prevent the sweat?  Not sure.  Either way, it works.

So, what runner/athlete doesn't want to enjoy blister free feet with a softer feel as a bonus?  I know I do so I plan to keep this product around.  I have also applied Run Goo lightly and put on thick,  fuzzy socks and done absolutely nothing.  As a result, my feet have never been softer or looked better.

Check out the website.  The company also carries a Hike Goo, a Walkers Goo, and a Silken Step.  The Silken Step sounds like exactly what you would purchase if you suffer from Monster Feet.

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Leucadian Girl said...

I have been using the Goo for over 4 years and now I won't put on shoes without it. I used to get little blisters between my toes but not any more! It also leaves my feet soft and smooth!